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SCHEDULE & BIO’S   9/8/2022




9.45 - 11.15 : ‘Rituals for Life’  ISLA MCLEOD: Ritual




3 - 4.30 ‘Bringing Back the Wild’ REWILDING PANEL :



4.45 - 6.15 ‘Divine Whispers - echoes of the wild’ PETER OWEN JONES & HUW WYN




9.45 - 11.15: ‘The Wild Commons’ NEIL ANSELL & RACHEL CORBY




3 - 4.30 ‘Wild Joy’ ISABEL LOSADA 


4.45 - 6.15 ‘Wild Albion! the magic of Blake’ JASON WHITTAKER: BLAKE (& contributions from others)





Isla McLeod is a creator of ceremonies, ritual designer, transformational healer, and companion to all life at the thresholds. Her book, ‘Rituals For Life’, is forthcoming in September 2022.


Nancy Campbell was the UK’s Canal Laureate in 2018, generating poems and mixed media collaborations around the waterways, and in 2020 she received the RGS Ness Award for her creative response to the Arctic environment through poetry and non-fiction. Her latest book, ‘Thunderstone’, is a memoir of post-lockdown life in a caravan by the Oxford canal.


Paul Jepson is a pioneering conservationist, geographer, innovator, educator, and birder.

His book, ‘Rewilding’ co-authored with Cain Blythe, (2020), is a major contribution to ‘the radical new science of ecological recovery’.


Miriam McDonald is an ecologist, conservationist, and specialist in alternative agriculture. Together with Rob Owen, she is co-founder of Holistic Restoration LLP which designs landscapes that include wild nature areas and productive people-led areas. 

Miriam & Rob will give a talk at ITW sunday 7-8.30 pm (TBC) on ‘Restoring The Whole’.

Her book ‘Emergent’ (2021) explores both her journey through ecology and rewilding, and looks forward to a future led by a restored connection between people and the wild.


Isabel Losada is a journalist, author, and highly respected speaker. Her books span topics as broad and as specific as new-age spirituality, sexuality, men, Tibet, and enlightenment.

Her latest, the best-selling ‘The Joyful Environmentalist’ (2021), gets straight into responses to the environmental crisis, and seeks to reset every aspect of our daily lives, through care, play, activism, and good heart.


Peter Owen Jones is a Parish Priest, author and award winning television presenter. 

He will be reading from his latest book, ‘Conversations With Nature’ (forthcoming,2022) which Satish Kumar has described as ' a work of profound soul is nourished by reading this book.’


Andreas Kornevall is a mythologist, storyteller, author, musician, and ecologist. 

His charity, has directly inspired the planting of over 200 woodlands around the world. ‘Waking The Dragons’ (2022) explores Norse myth, folklore, runes, and magic, through the symbol of the dragon.


Neil Ansell is a multi award-winning journalist, TV cameraman, writer, and campaigner. 

His most recent book, ‘The Circling Sky’ (2021), has been described as “a powerful and urgent meditation” (James Murray-White)


Rachel Corby is a medicine woman, plant whisperer and plant spirit medicine facilitator, rewilding coach, writer and deep lover of the earth. Her books cover all these elements, including ‘Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature’ (2015), and ‘Rewilding & the art of plant whispering’ (2019).


Susan Holliday is a psychotherapist, writer and photographer committed to the re-wilding of human nature ( Her book 'Hidden Wonders of the Human Heart' (2021) is a testament to the power of creative conversation rooted in wondering to  reveal the intimate ecologies of love and loss. Seeing beyond the concrete of psychological labels she shows us how to reconnect to the 'other-wise nature' of the human heart.


Anna Jones is a rural affairs journalist and broadcaster, having worked across TV, Radio, and print media, who comes from a farming background in Wales. Her new book ‘Divide’ (2022) explores the very real urban/rural divide in the UK, and attempts to find ways so that both worlds might understand each other better.


Prof Jason Whittaker is Head of the School of English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln. He is known for his deep knowledge and passion for the world of mystic William Blake, and his many books on Blake and his world explore the artists deep resonance and influence in our modern age. His latest book, ‘Jerusalem, Blake, Parry, and the Fight for Englishness’ (2022) uses the poem and hymn to examines the deep complexities of what Englishness means into the 21st Century.


Huw Wyn is the founder of Into The Wild! In addition to 3 festivals annually, during lockdown he set up Wilderlands, an NGO dedicated to the protection of wild spaces. 

His book ‘Raven’ explores wildness, remoteness, and the inner worlds within us all.


James Murray-White (chair & organiser) is a writer, filmmaker, curator and activist. 

During lockdown he co-ordinated the rescuing, distribution and planting of over 250,000 oak saplings around the UK : and his recent documentary on the contemporary life of William Blake is available via

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