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Wild Weekend
In partnership with
August  12 - 14
In 2022 we will be hosting a brilliant wild weekend in beautiful Sussex.
Wild weekends are wild camps with smaller groups, learning skills such as rewilding, fire making, den building, tracking, bird, tree, plant identification, bird language, natural navigation, archery, wood carving, Celtic blacksmithing, flint knapping, astronomy and star gazing, Yoga, relaxation and meditation, lucid dreaming,  creative writing, wild arts, foraging, wild cooking with campfire music, myth making and storytelling with the option of a wild spa, camping, glamping and delicious organic food plus much more. 
We will invite the very best teachers, leaders, speakers and musicians to create truly magical weekends.  Places will be limited and we will be adhering to all the recommendations to make our events as safe, healthy and enjoyable as possible. We hope that by spending time in nature, amongst fresh air, eating healthy food, learning new skills, exercising both body and mind we can create wild weekends that inspire well being and happiness for every age. 
The weekends take place just 30 miles from London in the beautiful Sussex countryside, 
surrounded by ancient forests, summer meadows, wildlife and starry skies.
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