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Wilderlands Fundraiser


Spring Equinox

March 22nd

 Linklater Pavillion

Railway land


7 - 11pm


With the wonderful 

Langan Band

Maestros of Scottish Folk










An evening of ancient story and enchanted music

profits go to nature recovery


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Wilderlands was launched in 2020 to support nature at this critical time.  All around the world we are losing our wildlife, natural habitats, our wild eco systems and natural resources at an unprecedented rate. 


The populations of the UK’s most important wildlife have plummeted by an average of 60% since 1970, according to the most comprehensive analysis to date.


The Living Planet Report (2022) outlined that losses to all animals, plants and marine life show no sign of letting up, despite some successes in protecting individual species. It found that 41% of species have decreased in abundance. A quarter of UK mammals and nearly half of the birds assessed are at risk of extinction.

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