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            A new festival of rewilding, regeneration and vision for a wilder world 
    July 1 - 3rd. Rewilding Coombsehead. Devon   
           YOU CAN BUY TICKETS FROM THIS LINK                

Wilderfest is a  new kind of micro festival celebrating the beauty of nature, and the potential of our native landscap and species to thrive once again.  A weekend with some of the most inspiring nature conservationists, ecologists and experts in rewilding.

Set in Coombeshead, amongst the hills of Devon, this a a unique project run by the farmer and nature conservationist  Derek Gow, this changing landscape  is being transformed from a traditional, highly managed human environment of livestock and vivid green pastures to a new landscape, one where habitats develop through natural processes. Where nature sets its course.

Farming has now ceased on 300 acres at Coombeshead. We are at the beginning of a new journey, one which will give the land an opportunity to relax, recover and re adjust.

Our vision and hope are that gradually, slowly, life will return. New life, not hemmed in by hedgerows or restricted to narrow verges but full and complete.

More details on Rewilding Coombeshead here.

You can camp or stay in beautiful shepherds’ huts or hire a luxury bell tent with beds.

Whilst here you can take part in our guided wildlife walks and see some of our rewilding helpers such as the beaver, wild pigs, ponies and mouflon. New for this year, our small herd of gigantic water buffalos, wallowing through the wetland, creating new ponds for amphibians and other wildlife. We will introduce you to species being bred for reintroduction such as white storks, wild cats, beavers, water voles and harvest mice, and you can learn about their vital roles in our natural environment. 

In the evening relax round the fire, listen to beautiful music and watch our free roaming wild animals from dedicated viewing platforms or take part in organised beaver or bat watching activities.  Camping is included in the price, if you bring your own tent, or you can can hire a Luxury Shepherds hut from this link

Bell Tent Hire details will be posted shortly. 



Friday 1st - opening/welcome with Derek Gow

Beaver & Lynx tours 

Nightingales with Talk and  Music with Sam Lee  

2nd - 9.30 - 12 


Conversation about Conservation with Roy Dennis and Carl Jones



Starting at 1 


All day escorted tours of the rewilding area.


Dr Bryony Coles - Beavers in Britains past.   

Dr Roisin Campbell-Palmer - Re-learning to live with beavers 

Dr Richard Brazier - Beavering away with the architects of change 

Dr Alan Puttock - How to measure beavers from space   

Gerhard Schwab- How I became a beaver god.

Derek Gow - Bringing Back the Beaver 


8 onwards

Conversations with Nature

Peter Owen Jones (TBC)

Harp with Sarah Deere Jones 


Beaver tours 

Dinner then music with the John Langan Band 

Sunday 3rd 


10.30-  Dr Ben Macdonald - Rebirding 

11.30 - Jake Fiennes - Farming without a war on wildlife   

12.30 - Panel discussion 

Lunch and finish

More  updates  coming soon...

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