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 Wilderlands   Farm

Wilderlands farm is a new project to encourage each other to support nature at this critical time. All around the world we are losing our wildlife, natural habitats, our wild eco systems and natural resources  at an unprecedented rate. We want to support people to reclaim their wild heritage and become better connected,  nature  supportive communities,  that enrich all lives. 
Wilderlands Farm is 20 acres of 5 medieval meadows , along with our partners, we are custodians for 213 acres of ancient forest in Sussex near Fletching. So altogether 233 acres for nature, wildlife and well being.
We are now one of the UK's newest farms and  our is aim to create a haven for nature and wildlife focusing on biodiversity in all its forms, but with a creative and well being aspect,  integrating the arts, music, nature writing, nature education,  retreats and more.  
We will also host small events and opportunity for people to connect with nature, to find peace, solace and creativity in the natural world.  We have hosted nature events for the last 8 years and host nature writers, conservationists, musicians, artists, indigenous elders and wild craft specialists. We want to enable people to have positive nature experiences that will inspire people to support and fall in love with the natural world. 
 We would like it to be focused on regenerative farming with wild flower meadows, orchards, ponds, scrub and forest gardens, plus bring in some highland cattle and pigs, rare beed chickens and ducks, plus other animals  that help create habitat, for a mix of meadow and forest grazing, plus a beaver forest wetland as it has woodland streams and ponds, potentially the return of pine Martens and red squirrels, and maybe turtle doves, nightingales, glow worms and much more.  
The land already has nesting ravens, red kites, buzzards, kingfishers, tawny owls and so much more which we will document as we spend time on the land and get to know it's wild residents. 
One of the best ways to protect wildlife and create havens of nature regeneration and rewilding, is to  create havens for nature.  it  Part of our ethos is to let nature get on with what the knows best. A helping hand in the beginning may be useful, establishing a plan and then watching as nature starts to thrive. it is our hope the Wilderlands farm become havens for wildlife and for us all to enjoy and embrace the wonder of nature.
Our lives move so fast, with always something to do, here the invitation is to leave the stress and hassle of everyday life behind and relax into nature, to recharge and look at the deep contours of our lives and find ways to live in alignment with our wildest dreaming.  So we are going to attempt the impossible and make this vision a reality, not just for our lifetime but for generations to come, a true place of wonder, for the benefit of all beings, not just humans!
We are in the process of  outlining this vision with a Wilderlands fund, where you can invest and help make this farm a real place of joy, not just for our lives but also for future generations. 
Find out ways to get involved here:

Help Nature and Wildlife at Wilderlands 

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