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Statement on current situation 2020


Dear Friends of Into the Wild,

Firstly, we hope you are coping and have support in this unprecedented time. 

We are sorry to say that our Summer festival will be delayed until August 2021.

After taking much advice from our guests, workshop leaders, and the healing professions along with regarding the law as it stands, the Into The Wild festival family isn’t willing to take any risks with your health and well-being. 

Immediately, our vision and energies are concentrating on planning the rescheduled festival. 

We cannot express how much we miss your presence, spirit and goodwill in our beautiful festival fields: and it’s the same message from the  truly wonderful tribe of people of all ages that come to these events. For an independent festival, creating and planning our events is no mean feat — our small, incredibly passionate team works through many months of organisation and careful design with your inspiration, wellbeing and safety in our hearts.

That’s why, remembering this, and in the light of recent developments and experiences with Covid-19, we must now accept that it is no longer possible to go ahead as planned this August. 

We are beyond disappointed.

This is the choice we had hoped we wouldn’t have to make — we really did try to work through this, and hang on in there to make this happen.  Our thanks go to you for your patience, especially amid the uncertainty facing our world and all living things, in allowing us to take the time to draw a decision from the ever-changing evidence. We also took some time exploring the option of postponing to later in 2020, but the most important thing for us other than your safety, is to give our community certainty.

This has informed the decision to advance the date of the next possible Summer festival. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to any of our events next year, to what will be the best weekend celebration of Nature and the Wild that the UK will have ever seen.

Because of the journey we’ve all been on together, you’ve made Into The Wildthe amazing, unique festival that it is. You’ve shaped a passionate community with a shared love of Nature and the Wild, World music, workshops, inspired learning and friendship. 


But more than that, you have birthed a community accessible to all — a community providing opportunities to all — and a community inspiring to all.


In times of difficulty, communities tend to come together. And so we must now please ask for you to unite and show your support as we move to protect the future of Into The Wild.


As a member of the festival family, we ask your blessing to ensure that Into The Wild continues to be both a much-loved Independent festival, and also an inspiring platform for people of all ages to appreciate the Wild passionately. 

Let us all maintain this as a safe space, free from some of the madness that can happen at festivals and the world in general. Let us all progress with awareness, kindness and spirituality in our hearts.

We would also like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to another incredible group of people: the special community of NHS staff, key workers, volunteers and everyone else out there on the frontline protecting us and helping to keep the UK functioning through these tough times. 

Some members of our team including Lisa our admin have been personally affected by the pandemic and have seen first-hand the incredible work and sacrifices made by so many.

Once normality returns (and it will) we will be proudly inviting many of these modern-day-superheroes as our guests to show them our appreciation and gratitude.

Ticket Options

You are currently in possession of our highly sought after best priced tickets, so please rest assured that we will not be selling Super Early Birds for 2021. For the ticket transfer option, no action is required your tickets will automatically roll-over, to any of our events you wish to attend next year.

Roll over your tickets to 2021:

Keep hold of your current best-priced ticket and any add-ons, which will be valid in exactly the same way for 2021. By choosing this option, you’re doing all we could ever ask from you. So, as a thank you for transferring your ticket, you will have the opportunity to obtain a free of charge one-off, exclusive limited-edition Into The WildT-shirt.

Donate your ticket to someone worthy:

Perhaps someone you love is a keyworker, and you want to reward them by transferring your ticket to them? If so, just give it to them and they will be able to use it for any of our events next year.


We would kindly ask you to only apply for a refund if you have no other choice. It could be a make or break situation for us. The costs before the festival are over 65% of income and then we had no ticket sales since March. We have asked for refunds from multi nationals on advertising (a huge part of our expenditure) but they are not slightly interested in helping out.

Whilst we’d love for you to keep your ticket as something to look forward to during these testing times, if you need to claim a refund on your ticket, that option is available to you. Our Ticket agency will attach a form to fill in, and we will aim to process these by August 9th, earlier if we can. For those of you who have already submitted a claim for our spring Beltane Fire event, we will also aim to process these by this date. We have had no help from the government and there are so many folk connected with the events whose income and livelihoods are going to be severely impacted, so we want to be able to support them as much as we can.

We truly hope we can get back to creating beauty together with even more appreciation for this gift of life. It is a tough time for many, most especially the elders and the most vulnerable in our community, let’s keep an eye out for them all.

One thing is certain about the current situation: This too shall pass.

Thank you all for being so amazing and we can’t wait to see you all again.


Wishing you all boundless love and health!

Stay safe, stay positive.

From the Into The Wild family……

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