Samhain Festival

online Free Festival

November 7 - 8th

Welcome to our Autumnal online festival, creating connection through the arts, music and sharing what inspires us, whoever we are,

not limited by space and time.

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Here is the Programme: (Tap on image Below)

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For those of us running or working in events, we have lost our incomes overnight, with no help from governments, most of us fall outside their aid packages. With this in mind, we decided to run a free online festival for  four days over the first week of May and another on the Summer Solstice weekend within a week we had over thousands of people join us from all around the world. 


We managed to create a festival vibe and many people who could not normally attend whether through chronic illness, caring for others, distance, age and other factors, could join in and loved what we do and got a taste of the vibe we create. You can have a look at the festival here and catch up in workshops, music, great talks and lots more:

The festival is free, but we ask for a donation if you can afford it to

cover all talks, workshops, music and all content at each day of the festival. 

​Supporting artists, musicians and good causes

Donating means we can pay artists, musicians and raise money for great projects that are really making a difference 

Donation links will be posted on the festival weekend


You can find out more: 

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See you soon for the best vibes online!

Into the Wild



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