Getting Involved 


We love you to get involved whether it is volunteering, running a stall or a workshop, or applying as a therapist.  We will be getting back to applications in the new year.


Info Tent
If you are a great people person, please sign up to join our Information tent.

Letting people know about all the amazing things going on at Into the wild.

Please send us an email showing your interest to Fiona on the following link:
Come and join our great team of stewards, make new friends for life.
Run an adult workshop
Share your magic with the world.
Apply to join our well being area
Apply as a therapist in our wonderful Well Being area.
Come and join our onsite crew helping to create a magic festival with a great team over a few days.
Run a stall
Come and run a stall with us...
First aid
Join our great first aid team, making sure all is well.
Inner Arena Crew
Join us in the inner arena and be part of the vibrant heart of the festival.
Join our decor crew
Offer your wild creative talents and help create a beautiful nomadic village.
Join our Wild crafts area
For cottage crafters and wild artists to share their skills, knowledge and inspiration. Please email us details of your crafts x
Run a childrens workshop
Share you magic with the kids!
Share your music
If you would like to come and share your music, poetry or storytelling, send us an email to
If you're a professional photographer and would like to work with us, please email
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