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Communal Yurt hire

The communal yurt is a Mongolian yurt with a heater, rugs, as well as  coconut matting so as to give some more insulation under bedding. There’s a waterproof barrier under the coconut matting.


You will need to being warm bedding, pillows and some matresses, there is not enough room for blow up matresses. The yurt will be shared with both men and women and children possibly just so you are aware. 


We have added this as a last minute extra option as we offer this at our Autumn and Winter mini festivals and it's popular. We have found a great company that offer lovely yurts, have a look at the yurts on:


The yurt fits in 16 maximum and is £75 each for 3 nights. This covers the hire price of the yurt only. We can not offer 1 or 2 nights

as this won't help us pay the cost of hire. As soon as places are taken we will close this option or may offer another yurt if there is enough interest.


Please book your places below.








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