Beltane Fire Festival

April 30th - May 3rd 2021

The first and the best festival of the season. When the whole world is coming alive again, the birds are singing in the forest canopy and the bluebells and blossoms are buzzing with the sublime light of spring.


A gorgeous weekend in the beautiful Sussex countryside with over  200 workshops, Enchanting music, Award winning kids area,  World class storytellers, Spoken word, Theatre, Delicious world cuisine, Sauna, Wood fired Hot  tubs, Den Making, Fire Making, Arts, Open Mic, Choirs, Yogas, Dance, Movement, Foraging, Archery, Martial Arts, Wild crafts,  Forest Bathing, Wild Olympics, Blacksmiths, Bushcrafts, Falconry, Fencing, Swing boats,  Stargazing, Healing & Well being therapies and so much more

Early eagle Tickets  out now!

We are confident to have festivals running in 2021,

 and we also intend for them to be smaller than. in the past with more space and fully compliant with any recommended regulations, if we can not or you need to cancel

you will be offered a full refund!