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This is a project we have set up to support nature and wildlife.

Check it out!


Into the Wild is a festival of life, celebrating nature, creativity, biodiversity, world music and community!

We are the UK's number one festival, helping to support rewilding and nature recovery.

Rewilding people and landscapes for a wilder future for all beings to thrive!


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Summer festival

August 22 - 26th 2024

Chidinglye Estate 



A festival of Family, Connection & Nature!

Into the Wild hosts festivals, amazing wild weekends and much more that  open the heart to the beauty of life. 


  Into the Wild is the UK's premier family festival, celebrating nature, creativity, the arts and world music, inspiring people of all ages to step..... Into the wild


and have a brilliant life changing experience with  some of the best workshops, talks and activities of any festival experience.

you can make friends for life, learn new skills, relax and be yourself with the whole family. Set in the beautiful Chiddinglye estate in Sussex surrounded by meadows, forests and dark skies.  


Enjoy over 200 fantastic workshops and activities, brilliant world music, wild crafts, speakers, an amazing kids area for every age, all included in the ticket price.

Into the Wild is dedicated to supporting nature with all its profits going towards nature recovery, helping wildlife and biodiversity.

If you love Nature,


Into the Wild is the place to be!


Into the Wild works with our amazing partners  helping nature and wildlife come back from the brink to a landscape of biodiversity and abundance, thats our vision! All profits from Into the Wild events go back to help regenerate nature and help wildlife  in the UK.


We have sublime world music, over 200 brilliant workshops, wild crafts, delicious world cuisine, an award winning kids area, world class storytellers, bushcrafts, stargazing, inspirational learning, wild crafts,  dance, choirs,yoga, theatre, saunas, brilliant talks, archery, great stalls, film, den building, fire making, stone and wood carving, martial arts and much more!

Into the wild is all inclusive and we welcome people from every walk of life and offer bursary schemes and opportunities for everyone to be part of our events no matter what your situation. Find out more here


 Our aim is to support a deeper connection to the natural world and foster a greater awareness of our place on the planet.

Well being is our ethos!

Imagine a festival where you feel healthier, more connected, at ease and joyful than when you arrived!

If that's your vibe then see you soon!



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