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This year at the summer festival we are hoping to create a wild/traditional crafts area. We are actively promoting and supporting small business’ and cottage crafts to share the skills and knowledge that is slipping away into obscurity.

Like all things at Into the Wild there is a focus on a more alternative way to experience, so this year we would like to have a more interactive relationship between crafts folk and the public so rather than having set demos and workshops we would like to try out the idea of a “come and have a go” type option to sharing skills also.


So outlined below are the two options available to come and a be part of this fast growing festival, share your knowledge and promote your work. 



OPTION 1 - Pitch holder: 
Come with your stall and set up an area to promote and sell your work. 
This year we are offering a free pitch plus one free ticket for your partner/helper 
In return we ask that you offer some kind of craft/skill that folk can make themselves or have a go at part of the process. You can choose to run this however best suits you each day. So you could offer a talk or demo each day at a set time or you could offer a walk up  and ask option, for example if you were a leather worker you could just have a sign saying  “come and make a  wristband” people would just then come up as and when and you would show them how. 
On this option we ask in return for the pitch + 1 a 10% of any profit made during the event and is run on an honesty basis 

Please apply for this option here.



OPTION 2 - Demo/ Workshop facilitator: 
Come and run two workshops on a specific skill or craft for two hours per workshop in exchange for a free ticket for the festival or  be paid a flat fee for those who can not stay for the festival. 
Please let us know the cost of a workshop from you as there is only a limited budget and lots of folk applying. 
This year we are offering a few “Helping hand” payments to cover travel costs etc, but  these will be granted at our discretion and for those who live further away. 

Please apply for this option here.

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