Dance & Movement
Kundalini Dance – Ecstasy
Kundalini Dance is an ecstatic dance practice that reconnects dancers to the source of creation, utilising innate and divine life force to reawaken and re-programme the energy systems of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body.

The intention is to detox, transmute release old patterns and traumas, creating space for new energetic pathways to form by inviting the transformational ache mission of the masculine and feminine.

With Raya Keene
5 Rhythyms
A 5Rhythms dance workshop, open to everyone. We will explore the 5 different Rhythms and move through a Wave together. Dancing to a beautiful selection of tracks and using the dance as a way to ground ourselves through the body and our breath. When we dance together we create community and tribe and share sacred space without words. A great way to connect to other's and yourself at a festival.
Get Hooping with Lottie lucid
Hoop Flow & Transitions Masterclass
In this workshop I will show you different ways to improve your flow and relax into hoop dance. There are many ways of transitioning from trick to trick and I’m going to help.
Contact Improvisation
Exploring fundamental movements and somatic principles within Contact Improvisation. Each session progresses through a series of facilitated solo, partner and group exercises that enable participants to learn and deepen their experience of Contact Improvisation. Includes a Jam at the end.

With Richard Parker
Movement Towards Health-Craniosacral
Embodiment and release through meditation, somatic movement, Butoh inspired dance, and creative expression with Natalie Keegan
Grounded Heart’ Shamanic Dance
Grounded Heart’ Shamanic Dance with Bob Hillary. This is a guided journey for people to drop really deeply into themselves through music – using a mix of live and DJ'ed music. The intention is to ground, return to our truest selves, open our hearts, dance out our demons, and then enter our joy. This workshop finishes with a deep, still meditation and maintains a deeply shamanic element throughout. The workshop has been described as hybrid of 5 rhythms and shamanic dance
Butoh and Fooling
Exploring your inner world through play – Butoh and Fooling.
Dear friends, fellow travellers, lovers, creators, people!
You are invited to come and explore your own reality in a safe, supportive, creative space.
“The heart of the work is to create a safe place in which ALL life is welcome – the parts of oneself, others, and the environment that are known and accepted, as well as those that are not. With the creation of that space, a metaphorical Circle of potential opens and whoever is present
Somatic flow with Will Softmore
Keep relaxing and dropping into ourselves and our felt sense, so we can find our own satisfying, authentic movement. From this place of deep connectedness with ourselves, ecstatic energies will naturally flow and we will have a great time without exhausting ourselves!

I will be playing some truly gorgeous music.
Erostasy, Tantra in Motion
Erostasy is a high energy exploration of Tantric teachings and principles. We’ll be journeying together into ideas like the masculine and feminine principles of consciousness and life that is alive in each of us and at play between us; Testing out the notion of brother and sisterhood as well as community; Dropping fear around the expression of our natural sexual nature and moving closer to inner natural freedom; With Dakini cat
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